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Rainbow Sherbet


Rainbow Sherbet (also spelled Sherbert) is a combination of Champagne and Blackberry bred by the team at Apothecary Genetics.


rainbow sherbet strain available here


Do you want to buy some of the finest cannabis available? Look no further than Rainbow Sherbet! This award-winning strain is known for its sweet, fruity aroma and taste. It’s also incredibly potent, boasting a THC level between 18-24%. If you’re looking for an energizing, uplifting high that can leave you feeling creative and relaxed, then Rainbow Sherbet may be just what you need. In this blog post, we’ll explore the benefits of this strain and where you can find it in your area!


What is Rainbow Sherbet?


Rainbow Sherbet is a cross between Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint Cookies. This Indica-dominant hybrid has a sweet and sour citrus flavor with hints of skunk. The high is both cerebral and physical, providing relaxation without couch-lock. Rainbow Sherbet is ideal for treating stress, anxiety, depression, pain, and fatigue.


Is it sativa or indica


The Rainbow Sherbet strain is a hybrid of sativa and indica. The sativa in this strain gives it a uplifting and cerebral high, while the indica provides a relaxing body high. This makes for a well-rounded and balanced high that is perfect for any occasion. Whether you’re looking to relax after a long day or want to get up and explore, Rainbow Sherbet is the perfect strain for you.


The Pros and Cons of Rainbow Sherbet


When it comes to cannabis, there are many different strains available. One of these strains is Rainbow Sherbet. This hybrid strain is a cross between Girl Scout Cookies and Blue Dream. It has a sweet and fruity flavor with a hint of diesel. The buds are coated in trichomes and have a purple hue.

The effects of Rainbow Sherbet are uplifting and euphoric. It is perfect for treating stress, anxiety, and depression. However, this strain can also cause paranoia and anxiety in some people. It is important to start with a low dose if you have never tried this strain before.

Rainbow Sherbet is a great strain for social gatherings and creative endeavors. It will leave you feeling happy and relaxed. If you are looking for a new strain to try, Rainbow Sherbet is definitely worth checking out!


What are the Best Ways to smoke Rainbow Sherbet?


If you enjoy the sweet and tart flavors of rainbow sherbet, then you’ll love smoking this strain! Rainbow Sherbet is a hybrid that packs a powerful punch, with THC levels reaching up to 26%. This makes it a great choice for those looking for a potent smoke.

There are a few ways to enjoy Rainbow Sherbet. You can roll it up in a joint or blunt, or pack it into a pipe or bong. However you choose to smoke it, be sure to take it slow at first. The high from this strain can be intense, so start with a small dose and see how you feel before taking more.

Whether you’re looking for a potent strain to help relieve pain or just want to relax and enjoy the delicious flavors of rainbow sherbet, this is one strain you don’t want to miss!


How rainbow sherbet strain high feels


The Rainbow Sherbet strain is a hybrid that is uplifting and perfect for daytime use. The high from this strain is immediate, with an initial head rush that leaves you feeling euphoric and happy. Your mood will be enhanced and your senses will be heightened. You may also experience some mild visual hallucinations. The body high from Rainbow Sherbet is relaxing, but not too heavy, making it perfect for managing pain or anxiety without feeling sedated.


Alternatives to Rainbow Sherbet


If you’re looking for an alternative to Rainbow Sherbet, there are plenty of options out there. Here are just a few of the many possibilities:

1. Blueberry Kush: This indica-dominant hybrid is known for its delicious blueberry flavor and its ability to deliver a potent body high.

2. Pineapple Express: A Sativa-dominant hybrid, this strain is beloved for its sweet pineapple flavor and heady euphoric effects.

3. Granddaddy Purple: Another indica-dominant hybrid, this one is prized for its grapey taste and deeply relaxing effects.

4. Sour Diesel: A classic Sativa, Sour Diesel is known for its zesty diesel flavor and cerebral, uplifting effects.

5. Island Sweet Skunk: A Sativa with a tropical twist, Island Sweet Skunk is perfect for those who enjoy sweet flavors and energetic highs.


Rainbow sherbet strain effects


The Rainbow Sherbet strain is a hybrid that is said to offer the user a strong sense of euphoria and relaxation. This particular strain is a cross between the popular Girl Scout Cookies and Pink Panties strains. The end result is a sweet and pungent smelling bud with dense, frosty nugs. The buds of this strain are typically a deep purple, with orange hairs throughout. When consuming this strain, users can expect flavors of grapefruit, berries, and citrus.

As for the effects of this strain, users can expect an uplifting high that helps to boost their mood. This is perfect for those who suffer from conditions such as anxiety or depression. The high from Rainbow Sherbet will also leave you feeling more creative than usual. This makes it a great choice for those who enjoy engaging in activities such as painting or writing. For the most part, the effects of this strain are positive; however, some users have reported feeling paranoid or anxious after consuming too much. If you find yourself feeling uncomfortable while under the influence of Rainbow Sherbet, simply take a break and step away from whatever it is you’re doing.


Where to buy this strain


If you want to get your hands on the rainbow sherbet strain, there are a few places you can look. Your best bet is with us here for the best in product quality and efficient discreet delivery world wide for your home satisfaction.

You can also try searching online for retailers that sell this particular strain. Just make sure that you’re dealing with a reputable source, as there are a lot of scams out there. Once you’ve found a trusted seller, all you need to do is place your order and wait for your shipment to arrive.

So there you have it! Those are just a few options for where to buy the rainbow sherbet strain. No matter where you end up getting it from, just make sure that you enjoy it responsibly.




Rainbow Sherbet is an amazing strain with an impressive bouquet of sweet and fruity notes that make it a popular choice for both recreational and medical users alike. If you’re looking to try this unique strain, then here at our store we have the Rainbow Sherbet Strain available in different forms so that you can find the perfect fit for your needs. So don’t wait any longer, come pick up your own batch of this delicious strain today!


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